Family Dinner at Canadian Thai!

10 months ago

Hey Luuuxers,

The kitchen at our house is currently under renovation so we have been eating out a bit more often since cooking is a bit of a hassle! We have a hot plate, but it`s difficult to manage a meal for 5.

So we have ended up trying out a few local spots and forgotten favourites. One such favourite is a place called Canadian Thai.
It`s in a little strip mall not too far from where I live. I used to work in my uncle`s Baskin Robbins in that same strip mall, and loved the food at Canadian Thai for lunch.

While I haven`t been there in a number of years, we decided to go there for dinner and see if it was as good as I remember!

It`s a small cute spot that is family run and they have nice decor. They serve Asian food but with a `Canadian` palate in mind, so nothing overly spicy (though you can always ask for extra spice!)

They had a great dinner menu where you could pick from a list of options that would come with rice, a spring roll, and bean sprout salad and hot & sour soup (not pictured).

I ended up choosing the crispy ginger beef, and the entire meal was only $12.99!

It was a generous serving and delicious as well. I loved the crispy texture and the delicious ginger sauce.

My brother and dad, who love their spicy food, got extra hot sauce and loved their food as well. My mom and sister opted for mild options in terms of spice, but the meals still had bold flavours.

We loved it so much, we are already thinking of going back again before our kitchen is complete.

They also deliver, which wasn`t available when I worked at the Baskin Robbins all those years ago, so it might be an option for us as well!

Do you ever rediscover some of your favourite restaurants like this?

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