Falsies vs. Colossal by Maybelline

4 years ago

I`m pretty sure you guys have read reviews about these mascaras or have/ or own them. But for people who don`t and want to know if they are worth getting i`m going to write a review of what I think of them..

Volum` Express the FALSIES claims to; make your lashes 300% more visible lashes from corner to corner, creating a false lash effect with no gaps. And it also has a `spoon` brush.

Volum` Express the Colossal claims to; create 9x more volume in just a single coat instantly. It also has a `mega` brush.

Okay, so that`s what they claim to do and this is what i think of them. Both of them give you quite a lot of volume and also a lot of length but they don`t necessarily gives you the complete false lash effect like false lashes do. Both of these mascaras aren`t that build able but I guess that doesn`t matter because you get a lot of volume on the first coat. In this review I did two coats and found that the colossal clumps less than the falsies did. The colossal also dries faster than the falsies, but that might be because my falsies mascara isn`t waterproof.

All in all both of these mascaras are pretty good but if I had to choose I would choose the Colossal. But I think every girl should have both of them in their make up bag :)
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