False Eyelashes Haul!!!

4 years ago

My cousin recently went back to Vietnam to visit for a couple of weeks and before she went back, I asked her if she could pick up a few boxes of false eyelashes for me. I think individual false eyelashes are extremely overpriced, although I do really like a few styles. I prefer to buy my lashes in bulk for this reason. My favorite brand of false eyelashes has got to be Model 21 False Eyelashes just because they come in a lot of nice styles, their lashes are natural and the band isn`t too stiff nor thick.

These are the different styles that I was given:

- </strong>Model 21 False Eyelashes no. 23:</strong> These are my favorite! The lashes criss-cross but give a spiky effect because within the criss-cross lashes, there are lashes that are grouped closer together and are longer as well.

- </strong>Model 21 False Eyelashes no. 25:</strong> These lashes are more wispy and flared out. These are quite long and are more dramatic than no. 31 because the lashes are darker.

- </strong>Model 21 False Eyelashes no. 31:</strong> These are the more natural, less dramatic lashes of no. 25 because the individual lashes are not as dark and they are more spread apart as well.

- </strong>Model 21 False Eyelashes no. 32:</strong> These are probably my second favorite. They`re more dramatic than both no. 25 and no. 31 and definitely give length.

I`ll put the link for Model 21 False Eyelashes in the source link below so you can check them out. They make my favorite lashes!

Source link: http://www.model21eyelashes.com/

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