False Eyelashes!

5 years ago

Hey Luuux,

False eyelashes gives your eyelashes a fuller, longer look to them! falsies are great for those that have short thin lashes, that mascara can`t even help.

I usually don`t do false lashes, but lately I have been wanting to try them out more. There a ton you can choose from: longer, thicker, colored, sparkled, fuller etc...so it is easy to choose for your lashes and the look you are going for.

Also, you can get lashes that I know of, any where from $1 to $10...depending on how much you are willing the spend. I recommend if you are new to lashes that you go for the cheaper ones, and the natural ones. You don`t want to spend money on dramatic lashes and not like the look of it.

One set of lashes can be re-used maybe 5-7 times before they get too worn out..may vary depending how gentle you are with them.

Have you ever tried false eyelashes? Which ones? Let me know below


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