Fall Hoilday

Halloween is upon us. Well to be exact Hall/Thanks/Christmas. But I will discuss one topic at a time. Halloween can be a fun time of year, but it can be difficult when dealing with a large group of children. However, one group of children are rarely thought of unless you know one and that is a special needs child.
There is a wide range of special needs children that do trick-or-treat and visit haunted houses. The best option is to always have a back up plan. One thing is to make sure to be involved in your community and have a opportunity to know your neighbors, but if that is not possible post a nice note upon your door stating if your child has special needs please let me know and I will try my best to help make their Halloween fun. Even just keeping one piece of sugar-free candy can make a difference from a child actually eating Halloween candy and staring at a bag full of candy that must be thrown away. Try to not judge when you see a teenager approach your door dressed in a Halloween costume, because that child may still have the innocence to believe in the magic of Halloween. Do not stare at the child who must flap his arms, or wears no costume because of Autism issues. Also try to ensure that you make it easy for that child to wheel their selves to your door.There is nothing more heartbreaking then taking your child down the road to trick-or-treat and you cannot even wheel them to the doors. I know it seems like so much effort for one day, but remember back to your childhood and think `How would I have felt if I never experienced the magic of Halloween?`

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