Fake fiber mascara... --`

5 years ago

Hello Luuuxers !

A little while ago I had posted something about a mascara duo I had bought on ebay, it was supposed to be a duo fiber mascara (lol) ...

Well if you take a look at the third picture (which is supposed to be the fiber mascara) you can see there`s no fiber on it ! --`

And the first mascara is too dry to be used either... Bummer!

You may (probably) have tried it before, the real fiber mascara I mean ^^` but if you did not and want to try it (I still want to!) just don`t buy it from ebay ^^`
And if you know where I can find a REAL fiber mascara please let me know I would be glad to try it ;)

I just did not pick up the right one, sh** happens lol
Well anyways! It`s no big deal =)

Have a great one everybody !

*Pictures are mine do not take them without permission*

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