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5 years ago

So you are doing your skin a favor this year and you`ve decided to keep it shielded from the sun, but you don`t want to glow like the underbelly of a frog next to your bronzed buddies. Fake Bake is probably the product for you. I have tried many different self tanning methods, and for the money, this product really can`t be beat. (You can buy a bottle of the lotion online for as low as $14 if you do a google search.) If you are really fair, you might consider starting with Fake Bake light, but in my experience, this product will rarely make you look like you`ve taken a dive into a bag of doritos, and will give you a generally natural glow.
When applying any self tanner, the first rule is to EXFOLIATE. Especially focus on your knees and elbows. I always recommend that people use exfoliating gloves on their whole body, you can really get into all the weird spots that way. *these also help fight ingrowns. Once you are completely dry, put on some latex gloves, and go ahead and apply the cream. I use just a little at a time, a little goes a long way. I start on my thighs and move up to the top of my butt and down to my knee in using small, circular motions to blend well. I then move down my leg, stopping just below the ankle. I do not tan my hands or feet, I just use the excess from my wrists and ankles and blend downward. It looks more natural that way. The same goes for the elbows and knees. I thin out my application on my chest and use the fake bake facial tanner for my face and neck. It works really well, but I don`t recommend using it if you have any blemishes, especially those that you are healing/using drying products on, as it may darken the dead skin. Let it sit for as long as possible. It definitely works the best (as do all products) when you sleep, so try and leave it on overnight for best results. Plan on washing your sheets and dont wear white clothes if you are applying during the day.
Happy summer, ladies!

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