FAIL: Revlon Colorbust Lipstick Candy Pink

Candy Pink looks like a bright blue based pink. Blue based pinks are a big favorite of mine[lip product with a blue base make your teeth look whiter and just have a cooler appearance to them in my opinion!]. So when I got home I took the lippie out of it`s packaging and tried it on in front of the mirror.

I swiped it across my lips, expecting the great pigmentation and ease of application my other Colorburst lipsticks had. Nothing. I thought I didn`t apply enough pressure and I tried again. Nothing. I was really confused so I swatched the lippie on the back of my hand and what I saw disgusted me. It was practicely clear. NO pigmentation. There was a VERY slight pink tint to it, but thats it. I just bought a colorless lipstick.
The quality of this lipstick really stuns me. I have almost all the colors from the original Colorburst lipstick range and pretty much all of them have exceptional pigmentation. This lipstick was absolutely nothing like the originals. I don`t know if the other new colors are this lacking in pigment, but I have to tell you if you see this in your local drugstore DON`T GET IT.
It may look bright and promising in the packaging and even in the tube, but when you apply it you will be sorely disappointed. Unless you want a clear mediocre glossy looks to your lips[which you could get for way cheaper than $8.99] I really recommend you not getting this product.

This is really one of the BIGGEST product fails I`ve ever experienced with cosmetics. Step up the game Revlon..

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