Factory Tea Bar`s Milo Toast amp Drinks!

4 years ago

These pictures are pretty old, they were from the very first time I tried Factory Tea Bar. If you`re from the SGV, then I`m sure you know about FTB, but if you`re not it`s a fairly new boba shop in San Gabriel. They`re known for their delicious brick toast, so when I went for the first time, I made it a priority to try the brick toast.

It`s a really thick slice of toast with the center cut out. The center is then pan fried and then covered with milo poweder. I`m not too sure what milo is but it was tasty. They also use the milo powder to write out factory tea bar on the plate. For the crust, they put it off to the side and fill it with scoops of vanilla ice cream, then drizzled with caramel, condensed milk, and chocolate syrup.

The toast was delicious! I`ve always been a fan of toast and condensed milk so this is just a step up! I loved that the heat of the toast melted the ice cream a bit and was slightly absorbed into the toast. It was nothing like I`ve ever tried which was pretty exciting. To go along side the toast, I ordered a milk tea with boba and pudding which was decent, nothing too spectacular. What I wanted was the toast and I was beyond pleased with it!

If you`re ever in the San Gabriel area and are looking for a place to grab some drinks and snacks, definitely check out Factory Tea Bar. It`s right by the San Gabriel Mission. So have any of you ever had toast like this? Have you tried Factory Tea Bar?

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