Facial routine: cleaning it up

4 years ago

For a long time i didn`t care about cleaning my face and i didn`t really know how to take care about my skin. Offcourse i sometimes heared about cleaning my pores and making sure i wouldn`t get breakouts or anything else.. But i was too lazy to use more then one product in the evening.
Brushing my teeth was allready too much since i`m lazy in the evening. So i really didn`t wash up my whole face, since i shower in the morning.

Now in the years i`ve builded up my routine. I started with taking off makeup instead of washing my face in the morning. Then i started to use tonic and other things. Now i`m using 4 products after a day with makeup.

First of all i use a lotion with tonic in it to clean everything. It takes my makeup off and cleans most of my face. The one i`m using for a long time is from Garnier, works perfectly. Then it depends on how my mind and face is. When i have some pimples or i feel my skin is really bad i take the Garnier scrub. When my skin is fine and it`s healthy i use a Nivea Aqua Sensation face wash. After all of this i use a night or day cream from Yves Saint Laurent or Nivea.

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