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Today, I show you products that I use as a facial. I use this routine for several months. Moreover, it is perfect for those with a smaller budget and seeking products of Pharmacy. As for my skin type, it is a combination skin prone to acne. My skin is oily in the summer.

My routine
1) Cleansing
I use two cleansers. The first is water micellar Bioderma. It replaces the Lise Watier review here. I few weeks ago and I really like it for now. It costs about $ 20.00. When I wear waterproof makeup, I use eye makeup remover oil free Neutrogena. I love it because it removes makeup in one. It costs about $ 8.00 (CAN) in pharmacies. I really recommend it, but it leaves an oily ends on the skin. So, we must wash your face after this.

2) face cleanser:
I use two cleaners face. One serves the other night and I use the morning. Indeed, I use the Clean & Clear facial cleanser invigorating morning because it cools the skin and it really helps to wake up. Moreover, it makes the skin very clean. It costs about $ 6.00. While at night I use the cleaner-Free Acne Neutrogena oil. I love this cleanser because it helps prevent acne, but it is not offensive to the skin. I use it with my Clarisonic Mia. It also cost $ 6.00 in Pharmacy.

 3) Tonic
After my cleaning, I use a tonic. In the morning, I use the vitamin tonic fresh from Garnier. We really feel that the ph of the skin is returned to neutral after use. I love it because it makes the skin very fresh. It is around $ 8.00 at the drugstore. In the evening, I use the tonic Clinic. This is the one who went three-step skin care clinic. I like it because it leaves no tonic of makeup residue, cleaners, etc.. on the face. However, it is very abrasive to the skin. No buttons can not push on my skin. It costs about $ 18.00 at Sephora or Clinique counters.

 4) hydration
The moisturizer I use is the Moisture Renew Garnier with SPF 15. This ette cream is super light and is perfect for summer. It costs about $ 8.00 in pharmacies. Moreover, it feels really good and there are many products in the bottle. The packaging is great, since it contains a pump.

 5) Scrub
I use St. Ives scrub with apricot once a week. I love this scrub because it unclogs the pores thoroughly. However, it is very abrasive if you ever have sensitive skin. Moreover, it can not be used very often as most exfoliating. It cost about $ 6.00 in pharmacies.

6) Masks
I use various masks around once a week and usually one other day that when I exfoliate. In the shower, I use one of Lise Watier. Indeed, it is the anti-pollution detox treatment. This mask looks more like a gel which is allowed a few minutes. It costs $ 28.00. I use it when I`m tired and I want my skin to be more awake and more enlightened. The second mask I use is that of formula 10.0.6. This is an ultra cleansing mud mask. I mostly use it when my skin has a lot of button. Also, this is a very good mask with attraction to excess sebum. It is around $ 4.00 to Walamart. I also like all masks in the range that Freeman is on sale at walmart for around 4.00? = $


7) Acne Treatment
To treat my buttons, I use Mario Badescu range which is sold here. This is the Drying Lotion and cream drying. These are two products that are similarly in the same way. Indeed, they dry out button. The cream can treat pimples under the skin. While the lotion can treat whiteheads. They are around $ 15.00 each.

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