Facial Loofah

3 years ago

This loofah has got to be one of the best beauty tools ever. If you don`t know what a loofah is, its a sponge for exfoliating made from a gourd type plant. You might have seen this in its more whole form which is a cylinder shape that you use to scrub your body. This is basically a circle punched out of that big cylinder that you normally see.

There are different type of facial scrubbing tools. This would be considered much more abrasive compared to a silicon scrubber. However, this does a wonderful job of cleaning.

When you first get this, its dried out and very flat. What you do is soak it in water and it will be softer and ready to use. I like scrub my face with this a week while in the shower. I try to use a gentle cleanser like cetaphil when using this scrub. I`ll do a post in the future about how to get cleaner pores with another tool and this scrub.

Have any of you used this type of facial scrubber before?

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