FaceFront Paradise In Flight Collection for SpringSummer

Brightcolorfulthe shades of paradise! Its the FaceFront Paradise In Flight Collection for Spring/Summer 2012, and if you like color, youre going to want to get your hands on this collection! The mineral makeup mavens at FaceFront have released this stunning, limited-edition collection including three FlashLite Highlight Powders, three Cream Illuminators, two Mineralized Blushes, four Pressed Eyeshadows, four Artistic Pigments and five Liquid Lipsticks.

FlashLite Highlight Powders

I have two of the FlashLite Highlight Powders ($17 USD), one in Autofocus, a pearly white, and the other in Double Exposure, a pearly champagne. These highlight powders are very different from most of the highlighters I already have- these are much more sparkly. I wouldnt really use them for everyday, because the glisten and shimmer- but for a special event or date night, they would be stunning. Both shades are really sheer and universal, but I prefer Double Exposure with its slightly more warm undertone. The blend really nicely into the skin.. so if you are cool with super sparkle- youll love these. If you prefer more of a soft sheen and glow, skip on over.


Cream Illuminators

The Cream Illuminators ($11.50 USD) look very different in person than they do on the website, so beware! If youre interested, check out the photos for sure I was surprised! The two shades I have are Defrosting, an icy pink-rose, and Dulce De Leche, a caramel bronze. Both are really creamy illuminators, and they remind me a lot of the Youngblood Luminous Creme Blushes, although these are much more creamy and soft. They are super pigmented, so you only need a little, and they give a very luminous, dewy look to the skin. Much more emollient then the Youngblood counterparts, I think these would be great for those with dry skin! Dulce De Leche may look a little terrifying in the jar, but it blends nicely to give a hint of a bronze radiance- its really pretty. I think for summer, these might be a little too dewy for me Im trying to stay as matte as possible in the warm months, so Id save this for fall or winter.


Mineralized Blushes

The Mineralized Blushes ($15.50 USD) are one of my favourites in the collection. I have been playing with Funfair, a blue-toned violet with purple sparkle and Proper Peach, a corally-peach shade with a golden sheen. These blushes are ultra-fine and blend into your skin flawlessly- they almost are undetectable because they are so fine (however, definitely noticeable because of the shimmer). I would have liked to see one matte blush, because I think the entire collection is very sparkly, but worn lightly they do look quite soft. Funfair isnt a natural shade by any means, but I think many will find it fun. They seem quite sheer to me for being mineral blushes though- I found these ones were much less pigmented than I usually see in mineral makeup.


Artistic Pigments

Definitely the strong point of the collection, the Artist Pigments ($11.50 USD) are incredibly pigmented, smooth, silky and blend wonderfully on the eyelid. I definitely recommend using a primer first- something sticky to give them a good base to hold onto (or foil the pigments with a bit of water or mixing medium). They can be mixed with other mediums to form glosses, eyeliners, nail polishes and anything else you would use a pigment with- but using them as eyeshadows is definitely the most popular way. Again, all of them are very shimmery, so it would have been nice to see at least one matte in the collection. The shades I have are:

Lotsa Lettuce: Minty green with gold & silver shimmer; a super hot color for the season, but not for the mild! A very fashion-forward look.
Flamingo Disco: Cotton candy pink with green & silver shimmer; Im not too fond of this one, especially on its own (Im not a fan of pink eyeshadow in general) but it is great quality none-the-less.
Motivate Me: Violet with pink & silver glitter; quite chunky and sheer when used dry I definitely recommend foiling this one for an intense effect.
Toucan Tango: Vibrant yellow-gold; just as the name suggests! It is quite shimmery, and I wish out of any of them that this would be matte, but it still works well as is.

Liquid Lipsticks

I was quite impressed with the Liquid Lipsticks ($12.50 USD), as they reminded me a bit of the OCC Lip Tars just not as intense. I tried In Motion, a transparent multi-color micro glitter, and Heat Stroke, a yellow-orange shade. In Motion is definitely more of a color topper in my opinion- it adds beautiful texture to almost any shade because of its mutli-color base. If you have a lip color that needs a little glamming up, try topping it off with this one! Heat Stroke is terrifying in the tube, but on the lips I kind of like it! Its a very bold, haute couture type orange not that wearable and very daring but it looks like something out of the pages of a fashion magazine to me. It was quite opaque, but felt a bit drying on my lips after a little while it was also hard to apply with the slant-tip applicator (definitely go for a lip brush instead).


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