Facebook vs. Twitter

4 years ago

Hi luuuxers! :) I have this both social networks and here is what I like about Facebook:
- chat toolbar,and I can see who`s online
- a lot of people have Facebook so I can add many people
- I can see photos on Facebook homepage
And here is what I dislike about Facebook:
# view is obsolete (view of statuses,photos,homepage)
# too many "stupid" people
# too much commercials,especially "Rihanna commercials"
- nice view of tweets and all,looks much better than facebook
- news comes fast
- you can connect Twitter with Facebook
And here is what I dislike about Twitter:
confusing direct messages
# no chat
# many people use it to "commercial" their facebook page
# to many Justin Bieber and One Direction news -.-
# there is no Twitter on my language
# no free mobile Twitter.
My winner is Facebook! :)

Please comment what is your winner?

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