Facebook vs Google+

4 years ago

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When Facebook appeared, it was a plague! There wasn`t a single teenager or mid-20`s who wouldn`t have a facebook page. It`s ok, since it was a great invention. It has a great value and a versatility that allows people to connect, stalk a bit, and even play some games!
In an everlasting battle between Google and Facebook, Google created the social network Google+. They said it would be even better than Facebook, and it would make everyone want to change their social network of choice!
Were they wrong?

For me, they failed miserably in their invention, because most people basically ignored Google+ and stayed on facebook, even when everyone hated timeline.

Tell me, did you change? Or did you go both ways ?

Source link: http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/719474/best-facebook-and-google-plus-games-that-wont-get-you-teased-by-your-co-workers/

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