Facebook Timeline Force Down Your Throat!

5 years ago

Whether you like or not your Facebook page will be in the new Timeline format. That`s right, Facebook is switching EVERYONE over. A lot of people have been against this new format, because cosmetically it wasn`t pleasing and the fact that it allows others to track your past more easily.

"Beginning Tuesday, Facebook is telling some users that they have seven days to clean up their profiles before Timeline gets automatically activated. Facebook is rolling out the requirement to others over the next few weeks."

Personally I haven`t really cared, because I rarely visit other user`s pages. For myself I didn`t care to switch over because I just didn`t want to be bothered and was fine with the old format. I think however that Facebook should give us the choice to choose.

Talk the TALK
1) Are you a fan of Facebook`s Timeline Profile Page?
2) What do you think of them forcing every one to adopt this new page?

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