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5 years ago

Facebook decided to evolve some weeks ago and until now, you can choose to have the regular profile or the new Facebook timeline.

When the Timeline option appeared for the first time, when users started to use it, a lot of people regretted it, since they consider that it is bad to have your life exposed in such a detailed way... To make things worst, after the timeline option was selected, there is no turning back.

So, it was expected that after receiving a lot of bad opinions about the changes, Facebook will actually think about it and reconsider their planes... And they did it. They thought about it and they came up with a conclusion: Facebook`s regular profile will end and the Facebook Timeline will be applied to every users... This means that even if you didn`t applied for it, your profile will be automatically changed to the Timeline format.

I`m not a "Facebookaholic" or something like that... I barely use my Facebook account, so this is not something that will rock my world... But it is bad that everybody will be bound to use this feature. In the other hand, it makes sense that Facebook responsible want to standardize all the profiles.

And what do you think about this? Do you use Timeline? What are your opinions about it?

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