Facebook Playing Cards - Personalize Your Deck!

Do you have any friends who are cards and Facebook obsessed? Introducing a website that sells personalized Facebook playing cards. A deck of cards consist of 54 cards according to the link but I thought it was 52? Maybe including the Jokers? so first and foremost the person you want to personalize their cards has to have that many friends. If they don`t.. then sadly you cannot gift this prize. What`s the point of personalized Facebook cards? So, supposedly if you`re playing a game of solitaire by yourself, you won`t be lonely. You`ll have a bunch of faces looking at you, lol.

<strong>Would you design your playing cards to Facebook friends? What if the face of a person becomes an ex-friend/girlfriend/boyfriend, significant other, etc? It will probably piss you off seeing that particular card right?</strong> I don`t think this is a good idea. I wouldn`t personalize a deck of cards, not very sentimental in my opinion plus very pricey.

Want to buy a deck of personalized Facebook Playing Cards? Available here for $18.69 which is a hefty price because you can get a deck of cards at Dollar Tree for only a buck. http://www.firebox.com/product/5370/Personalised-Facebook-Playing-Cards

Source link: http://technabob.com/blog/2012/07/15/personalized-facebook-playing-cards/

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