Facebook for Kids?

4 years ago

I think it`s pretty safe to say that just about everyone is on Facebook, and now, Facebook is saying they MAY start allowing kids under 13 years old to make their own accounts with "supervision."

Now obviously, kids under that age STILL make accounts. It`s so easy to make one, and to lie about your age. My sister is nine, and she has her own. My cousin is five, and she has her own. So for Facebook to say they don`t "allow" kids under 13 to make their own accounts, but then there`s no security measure to prevent someone from faking an account, sounds pretty counter intuitive, if you ask me.

To address this issue, Facebook is saying they`ll lower that age so there`s no need for kids to have to make fake accounts anymore, but they`re trying out some new technology that has parental supervision, which will link the kids` accounts with their parents so that they see who they message, friend, etc.

I like the idea, but will it work? I don`t think so. I think even if Facebook does this, there will still be fake accounts out there, and I highly doubt there will seriously be any way to control who does what. It`s not an easy thing to do, especially with over a billion users...

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Stupid idea? All of the above?

Source link: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/kids-find-a-way-to-facebook.html

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