Facebook ends this year

5 years ago

Hello luuuxers, if you are a facebook user this will be a sad notice to you.
Facebook will end on 15th March this year because Mark Zuckeberg things that Facebook have become really stressfull to him..

If you have alot of pictures on facebook and you like them , download them to your pc because after the site be shut down you cant have your pictures back..
Mark zuckeberg have been interviwed and he said that this will be better to everione because they can leave the facebook and make real friends and he dont cares about his money he just want his normal life like he had before...
I am a facebook user and i dont know what i would do without facebook... hope they dont shut facebook down..since facebook is the most famous social site with milions of people registed...


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Do you think that this is true?
Do you use alot Facebook?

Source link: http://ohinternet.com/Mark_Zuckerberg

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