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Whilst some applications may offer the opportunity to integrate Facebook chat into a Firefox toolbar, downgrade your Facebook chat within Firefox or offer to record your Facebook chat history - I`m convinced that you`ll find no better Facebook chatting application for your browser than Chit Chat for Facebook (Web). Produced by Athena IT Limited, Chit Chat for Facebook (web) is a fourth generation Facebook chat application provided by the company. And it shows, Chit Chat for Facebook (web) provides a seamless Facebook chat experience for your Firefox browser. Chit Chat has previously been released for Windows, Blackberry and the iPhone. Whilst Chit Chat for Facebook hasn`t been specifically designed as a Firefox tool or plug-in, and indeed works independently of the web-browser that you use, the http://web.chitchat.org.uk/ app does work particularly well within Mozilla`s Firefox. In this authors opinion, using Chit Chat (web) is likely to be preferable to using a script to downgrade your Facebook chat or using a poorly scripted Firefox toolbar that is likely to slow down your web-browsing. As a free Facebook chat tool, Chit Chat is excellent, however unfortunately it doesn`t integrate your Facebook feeds. I put it to the developers that because Chit Chat (web) doesn`t integrate Facebook feeds the tool is incomplete, the developing team argued that Facebook feeds are a distraction to many users, particularly those using instant messaging at school, university or work as a methodology to conveniently communicate. They make a good point, Chit Chat (web) is excellent at what it does - web Facebook chat messaging, but it doesn`t do anything extra.
So, why should I use or try out Chit Chat (Web): Firstly, it`s worth giving Chit Chat for Facebook (web) a try to see if it`s a good fit for you and your instant messaging habits - after all, if you don`t try, you`ll never know. However, there are a number of reasons as to why you might wish to consider using Chit Chat (web) on a regular basis. Here are just five reasons why. 1.
It`s Portable - Unlike a Firefox toolbar, or a browser plug in - there is no need to install anything with Chit Chat (web). Making the http://web.chitchat.org.uk/ app ideal for work or University. 2.
Facebook Friend Alerts - Nothing is more annoying with Facebook`s chat tool than it not telling you whom has logged in or out. Chit Chat on the other hand provides clear and concise information as to when your buddies become online on Facebook chat. 3.
Grabs Your Friends Latest Status - Whilst Chit Chat doesn`t support Facebook feeds, it can detect your friends latest Facebook status. Useful for a conversation starter. 4.
Super Hot Interface - The user interface makes Chit Chat very easy to use, and looks very polished. 5.
Easier To Read - The instant messenger window makes use of speech bubbles that makes Facebook messages sent and received much easier to read. Additionally, the buddy list can be hidden to make the instant messenger window full screen.

Source link: http://web.chitchat.org.uk/english/

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