Facebook Aquires Instagram For A Whopping $1Billion

There was a lot of buzz on twitter and facebook about the latter acquiring Instagram, a photo-sharing site, for a grand amount of $1billion yesterday. A good example of the saying "If you can`t beat them, join them", which in this case meant, "own them!". Lol Mark Zuckerberg calls the purchase of Instagram a milestone for his company.

However, not too many received this announcement well. People took to Twitter and Facebook to voice out their disappointment regarding the involvement of the two sites. Some even claimed to have deleted their Instagram accounts upon hearing the announcements. Personally, I think people complain a lot about Facebook`s actions but do not really completely stay away from the site.

What do you guys think about the acquisition?
Do you think Instagram is already mainstream?

Source link: http://blazomania.com/2012/04/09/facebook-acquires-instagram-photo-app-for-1-billion-breaking-news/

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