[Face Shop] Korean `Peeling` Foot Mask Review!

2 years ago

If you`re like me and have callused and rough heels, it can be a bit embarrassing showing those babies around. Especially when you fear running your heel against your significant others leg will remind him/her of sandpaper, than anything sexy. Here is where these wonderful foot masks come in~

These foot masks were purchased from a shop called `The Face Shop`, it is a Korean cosmetic company that has some US locations (search online to see if there`s one near you!). I can`t remember the price off the top of my head but I`m guessing it was less than $10. It comes with one pair of foot masks and you wear them like socks on your feet. Before you put these socks on, the instructions say to wash and dry your feet, I`m guessing for better absorption. You wear the masks for about an hour, then wash the excess product off, and...wait for the magic to happen.

After a day or two you will notice little pieces of skin peeling off, after a week your foot will look like you`re molting haha! I admit I got tired of waiting and just started peeling the skin myself (it was too rewarding seeing the new and soft flesh underneath!!). After all the skin peels off you should be left with AMAZINGLY soft and callous free feet :D!

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Source link: http://en.koreadepart.com/shop/largeimage.php?it_id=1289869652

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