Face Recognizing AD geared toward Women to see.. The Power of Technology!

In London, there will be a face recognizing billboard advertisement that can tell the difference between a male and female. What`s the point? The ad is geared toward female because the ad is a Because I`m a Girl campaign. This ad will touch more females rather than males. The ad is to help little girls in third world countries who are poor and can`t afford an education because their country denies them the right to attend school. =(

So when approached to this ad, if you`re a female, you will see the full 40 second ad about this campaign and why you should donate whereas if you`re a male, you will only see a glimpse and not the entire ad..

<strong>Do you think it`s far that males can`t see the full ad? What if you`re a female and the face recognizer thinks you`re male or vice versa, would you be offended?</strong> I think the power of technology is awesome that this face recognizer will determine whose male/female to display the ad but I think that`s a lot of work since a lot of people go in and out of bus stops however yeah even though this ad would catch more attention to females, I think some males would like to see the ad too. And I am sure with technology some people would feel offended if they weren`t able to see the ad for malfunctions too. OH and a huge portion I forgot is that the power of this technology is not cheap, it will cost $47,361 US MONEY for this billboard. Why not use that money toward the Because I`m a Girl Campaign and just post posters (it`d be cheaper) then a sign that will be up for only 2 weeks.

<strong>Do you think more companies will do this face recognizing ad geared toward a group of male or females?</strong> I think not cause it`s just way to expensive!

Photo via http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/technology-blog/facial-recognition-billboard-only-shows-ads-women-181557418.html

Source link: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/technology-blog/facial-recognition-billboard-only-shows-ads-women-181557418.html

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