Face Recognition Unlock App - Scan your face to unlock!

5 years ago

Imagine using your face and camera to unlock your phone, just like you see in some movies. It seems to good to be true right?! Well, wrong!
Forget your password combination or unlocking pattern and keep your phone safe from people guessing your password and just use your face to unlock with this app.

Its called RecognizeMe and what it does is first scan your first and create/save your biometric information. After that you will have a option on the unlocking to scan your face and it will scan your face using the camera on the iPhone and then unlock it if you get a positive match, so if other person tries to unlock the app will recognize that the face doesn`t match the one stores and won`t unlock. Pretty neat!

The app works only for jailbroken iphone though, so in case you want this and don`t have a jailbreak you need to do it.
I imagine its only for jailbroken phones do to the changes it does on the software for unlocking, which Apple doesn`t allow on their official app store.
The app costs 2.99$ on cydia and works with both iphones, ipad and iTouch.

This seems like such a cool app and i wouldn`t mind getting this but i don`t even use a code on my phone because i want to unlock it faster, so i don`t know if i would use it always but it would be cool to have and use for fun.

<strong>Would you like to have this type of app on your phone, where the app scans your face to unlock the phone?
Do you use a password for unlocking your phone?</strong>

(picture from the source; video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9U-ryYjNJM&amp;list=UUFXdaFLCDmCfgv9UWidqKfw )

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