Face Massage: beauty treatment for the couple

Nowadays, there are numerous beauty treatments that two couples can enjoy the comfort of a spa or in the privacy of your home. A face massage is one of them. Perfect for relaxing, has several associated benefits and the best part is that they can do it to each other.

Face relaxed
A face massage is a beauty treatment that focuses on the application of gentle movements around the entire face, extending also to the neck and sometimes even the shoulders and scalp. The hands, combined a good massage oil or lotion, is the secret of success of a face massage. They are used mainly on the fingertips and palms to slide smoothly for all facial contours.

Benefits of face massage
Besides being an extremely relaxing beauty treatment that relieves all kinds of tension and stress, massage of face features a variety of benefits that many are unaware of: the look and improves skin firmness, fights wrinkles and expression lines; if made in the scalp, it can improve hair texture, activates the blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Additionally, the massage of the face is a potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory in that it relieves nasal congestion / sinusitis, red eyes, dry and tired, facial pain, especially in the area of the jaws, the headaches / migraines; accumulated tension in the neck / shoulders and even the pre-menstrual tension.

Spa to two
There is beauty program for a couple more relaxing than a spa schedule a session for two and leave yourself in the tranquility that provides a face massage. Pay particular attention to the movements performed by the therapist, being aware of the areas worked and how they are. Then repeat this luxury treatment at home with all the pomp and circumstance, ie, fully air of romance and passion.

Massage face at home
They buy a massage oil that both enjoy.
Wear something more comfortable.
Choose the location where you want to receive the massage - in the bedroom or living room, for example - and create a zen environment: light up the lamps and some scented candles, put a background music to play or enjoy the silence and each other`s company.
Decide who goes first - should always be the ladies! - And get away by the hair with a ribbon or cloth. If someone using glasses or contact lenses should remove them at this time.
Begin this beauty treatment while spreading small amounts of oil or cream massage that got around the face and neck. A good trick is to heat the essential oil previously, rubbing it between your hands before spreading on his face - the feeling of warmth that emerges is wonderful.
Then pass the massage itself, using the fingertips and palms, with movements very soft and tender, relax every inch of the face of your loved one. The ideal is to start on the forehead and go down to the neck. For a complete beauty treatment, stretch and massage the shoulders, why not, to the scalp.
Stay tuned for information on who is receiving the massage of face, to realize what is really knowing what`s not the most appropriate. At the end of the massage, let your loved one enjoy this unique moment of pleasure and relaxation.
If your husband / wife has not slept, or switch places so keep the date and plan to have another massage face for next weekend!

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