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5 years ago

Ughh I hate the winter time. Don`t get me wrong, i really like the weather and I`m not all grumpy because the weather is gloomy and sad looking but because my skin HATESSSS the harsh winter winds. Its fine most of the year, best when it is summer time but I`m all sweaty but my skin gets all patchy and dry and I can feel my face all stretched from dryness. Do you see how many face creams I have? Holy cows! I just want to find one that actually works. I think I have found it but I will not be sure until i test it out for a week or two.

Products I have:
<strong>Clinique turnaround concentrate</strong>: A serum that you use before you put on your moisturizer. I really like that it makes my skin really soft, but i think its just the ingredients in it that makes my skin like that. My skin isn`t actually moisturizer :(. Its suppose to simulate new cells and such but I don`t really see a big difference for my skin. You can find this at the clinique counter or Sephora. Goes for $42.50, in my eyes is not worth it.

<strong> Clinique moisture surge</strong>: This moisturizer I actually do like and used for about a year or two. I do like that it does moisturize my skin. It comes in a gel formula which is good for me because I have dry to combination skin but this isn`t enough for winter. This is more of a summer moisturizer for me. Goes for $48.50.

<strong> Olio di Argan</strong>: To my disbelief, argan oil doesn`t really work for my winter skin. This is a really thick cream, so thick that it doesn`t even drip even if you do turn it upside down. It absorbs into my skin decently but it does leave my skin somewhat oily/ sticky. I think this would be best if I use it in spring time. I got this moisturizer for $12 at Winners Canada but i believe it goes for about $20+ wherever you can get it in Europe.

<strong>Aveeno Positively Radiant</strong>: I really like this moisturizer but again, does nothing for my winter skin. It is really moisturizing and it gives a subtle glow to the skin. I would use this for spring and summer time but not winter time. It has a creamy formula, has SPF 15 and is oil free. Goes for about $11 in the drugstores.

<strong>Aveeno Ultra Calming</strong>: Just like the other Aveeno moisturizer, it is basically the same moisturizer but has a few different ingredient but this one has a higher SPF of 30. Goes for about $15+ in the drugstore.

<strong>Glysomed Face moisturizer</strong>: This is a brand that i love for hand cream. I`m a chef and i have to wash my hands like ten billion times in eight hours so this brand of hand cream is a life saver for my dry dry hands. So I thought the face cream would be the same. It is really good, but my skin right now hates me. I swear. This moisturizer is really really good but yea LOL. It has a thick, clearish cream consistency. It goes for $12 in the drugstore.

<strong>L`oocitane Ultra rich face cream</strong>: This is a face cream that I got two days ago and smells like baby powder. I lovee the smell of clean soapy smells. Ugh! I got sucked into buying this because I had the urge to save my annoying skin. It is yet another really thick cream with 25% shea butter. It absorbs really quickly into the skin and I can fell that my skin is really moisturized and my skin isn`t patchy and flakey. I think i have found the holy grail for winter time :) which juistifies the price of $46 for the jar. L`occitane is a brand that is made in France so it is fancy isn`t it?

Does your skin have my problem too? Annoying dry winter skin? Which product do you use to save your skin?

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