Fabulous Outfit From A While Ago.....Sparkly Blazer, Black Paints Patenet Leather Pumps...

5 years ago

You know those times when we say we totally want to do a post on an outfit that we wore a while ago.....Well I`m going there!.....

About 2 years ago (hence why my hair is not down to my booty in the pics), I had my friends bridal shower......Usually for bridal showers I wear fabulous pretty dresses....But on this particular day, it was raining...And the usual me had an outfit picked out, but was not feeling it, and I of course I did not have a back up.....So in a matter of minutes I had to pick out an outfit to run to the bridal shower in....Because of course I was late.....

So I ran into my closet, pulled out some black pants, and tried to figure out what to pair it with....As much as I love typical black pants for their versatility, it seems way too easy to just throw on a silky top...Instead I decided to add some jazz to it, and liven up the black pants....So I threw on a beautiful sequin blazer, throw on my Christian Louboutin Patent Leather pumps, curled my hair and I was out....

Combine the sequin blazer, black pants, and patent leather pumps and literally this outfit came together perfectly!....This just shows taking some of your basic pieces in your closet, and putting them together can be a perfect classic outfit.......

Aqua Sequin Blazer:

This top basically is what makes the outfit, and jazzes it up..And best of all it really takes the dull black pants and makes them so much more interesting...This shows how much more versatile black pants are....This Aqua sequin black blazer, has the perfect angles and lines on it, with is so flattering.....

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French Connection White Top:

Between the black pants, and black sequin blazer I literally was blacked out....So instead of wearing a black top under all that black I decided to break it up by wearing a pop of white...This French Connection shirt perfectly broke it up, and really brought it all together....

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Express Black Pants:

These pants are so versatile, and perfect for a beautiful party or a day at work....They really are comfortable to wear, and can be worn in various different ways....

Instead of wearing these black pants with just a regular top, I thought this would be a great way to change it up a little.....

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Christian Louboutin Black Patent Leather Pumps:

These pumps just are a classic pair, which really make the outfit look even classier then it even is...And the red backs help a ton too to that classic look.....These pumps really bring everything together! I love that it blends in with the black pants so it (hopefully) slims me a little......

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Black Cross Necklace & Black Beads:

What could a fabulous sequin blazer be without some fabulous jewelry!!! I decided to keep the jewelry tones to silver/pewter because i just love the way that looks with the sequin black blazer....

So I mixed in and layered a fabulous red shiny beaded necklace, as well as one with a cross on the end....

This really brings out the sequins in the blazer as well as bringing it all together....

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Black Stone Lia Sophia Ring:

I love the way the black emphasis with the black outfit, the pop of black stone is fun and brings the jewelry together.....

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What do you think of this outfit? How would you wear it?

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