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Hey there guys!!!
Toady I did a TON of shopping, well it felt like a lot, for ack to school
As some of you guys know, I board, so I am leaving in days..... duh duh duhhhh... maybe some n`s should be stuck in there: dunnhhh, BETTER
Ya :) I have a few haul posts for you guys, and then I think I am still forgetting some things.
So, I headed in Forever 221 w/ the intention of purchasing, headbands and headbands alone ( you know, the stretchy flat type?) I bought everything but that. First I walked around lcuelessly, lol like a lost sheep because I couldn`t find them anywhere. Finaly I asked a worker, and they confirmed my unfortunate suspiscion. ALL SOLD OUT!!! So I searcheed around some more. I found two pairs of Underwear ( on sale) I thought they were bogo which is why I picked htem up, but still it only costed 3 for both so whos complaining?
:) While in line, I looked around for lipglosses mine was borrowed and never returned. LOL. So I asked my mom to hold it becasue for some reason I didn`t have a bag. I forgot and she justassummed I gave it to her. I just let her keep it... she peeled off the label :(. LOL so yeah,I couldn`t find the same gloss abgain so I bought another. ( Also pictured above)
In adition, I found TWO aweomse lip blams. I didn`t see these online. But htey are just <3. I saw some other fllvors while I was shifting thourug,h actually ukjust one, I think it was tangerine. Yeah I most deff.. reccommend .I bought vanilla and mint. They both smell really good. Taste like nothing :/ but if I have chapstick on, no need to lick my lips right? I haven`t checked to see if they last long but that`s whatever. For a dllars??? I always carry thesee around anyways so..... YA.
Finally, okay this is a story.
I need eyeshadow. Plain colors, etc. i bought a pallette from Claires. Two actually, A how to and a 64 set. The 64 crumbles and shatters :/ I have no dea what to do w/ it. And the set was borrowed and onee color, the only one I liked was used up. A shaame thta I didn`t realize until I found it a month later... SMFH!!!! So, that`s how that went. I was reading online on Forever http://21.com; some of the reviews on their makeup. I am not sure if it is this one, but there were some really highreviews concerning shadows resembling these. They were a buck each, and all colors I wanted so I went for it... Why not??? I haven`t tested them yet. Well I tested the khaki on my leg, while I was bored sitting w/ my sis outside of Sears, eating Cinnbaons, lol dont ask. Today was fun. haha. yeah, which is why it is placed wrong in the packaging. Swatched soon to come, as well as a review if I get time out of my soon-to-be busy school schedule. I have to wake up for volleyball prac. @ 8:45 :/ I think I`ll be good as long as I get a cold shower and breakfast. Yeah :) I think that is it :) Thanks for reading if you did. If not, I hope you enjoyed the image. haha <3 ..Well, ME

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