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Today decided to do a review on a few of the eyeliners I had inside my make-up bag and decided to share which eyeliner I found the best to use on an everyday bases. So I have about 3 types of eyeliners, the Gel liner from Mac, Felt tip liner from Collection 2000 and a Liquid Eyeliner from Body Care. I have used all 3 already and found all to have some positives and some negatives. So here is a quick review of what I liked and disliked about each eye liner:

1) Mac Gel Eyeliner- @Mac store- This eyeliner did not work as well as I thought it would for me, it was easy to place on but I did find that the eyeliner does not stay on as long as I thought it would, it would constantly smudge and is not waterproof at all, quite pricey, the consistency of the product was not at all what I expected, I also found that the gel itself tends to go hard quite quickly like stone so that was the negative side of the product, with the positive side, the color stands out very well and its easy to glide on the eyelid.

2) Felt-Tip Eyeliner- @Boots store UK- This eyeliner was amazing to use, I loved it the moment I started using it, I decided to try something different and use the felt tip liner since my friends have been talking about quite often and advised me to try it out. I went to my local drug store and had a look around for some felt tip liners and came across the collection 2000 products and saw they did the liners and not only did they do this product but it was less expensive than the others so was quite happy with that:) The product is easy to glide on, color is amazing and stands out well, does not smudge at all and stays on for a long time. The negative side of this felt tip liner is that the brush tip can easily be ruined making it more thicker and harder to glide on.

3) Liquid eyeliner- @ Body Care Uk- You can actually buy this product anywhere but I found this while I was shopping at Body Care and picked it up since I have not used liquid eyeliner for quite some time. First try, it was okay not the best to use, I think it was just because it was from Body care, since I have tried a similar product before, this product was harder to glide on since the tip was very thin and you have to use at least 4-5 strokes to make it correctly positioned so that was a downturn. Does not smudge, color was great and lasted long:D So this product was not as bad as the mac product.

So over all I would say the best eyeliner I have used by far was the felt tip liner from collection 2000, I will probably keep buying this product since its easier to use and easily control how much you put on and is accurate when applying on the eyelid so Love this product <3

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