EyelashMascara help!!?: I`ve got asian eyelashes :`(

4 years ago

I really hate asking thing on here. I would rather share tips and that with you guys instead but I need some help on something..

I`ve got asian eyelashes. Just like asian hair, You CANNOT do anything to it and it really sucks. I always wanted to tease or curl my hair but never could. It is untease able and curl able. And now that I want to curl my eyelashes I can`t wahh! :(

I don`t know if it`s my eyelashes or just my eyelash curlers because I only buy the cheap ones from priceline. Every single one i`ve bought doesn`t do anything to my lashes and it sucks. It does curl but only for a few seconds, it goes straight even before I get a chance to apply mascara lol..
I also tried the method that basically everyone tells you to do lol.. You know, starting really close to the eye and holding down for 4secs then moving up the eyelash a bit and so on until you reach the end of your lashes.. But that doesn`t do anything to my lashes either..

C`mon guys. I`m pretty sure some of you have the same problem as me. And i`m sure you`ll say `get a proper eyelash curler` but I really don`t want to spend like 30 bucks on one that may or may not work :


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