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5 years ago

Before receiving my Eyeko Cream read a lot about him, and could not wait to test soon. Everyone was talking about this cream and and I dying to get their hands on the famous pink jar. But every review I read suggested a way to use other, then had no choice - I tested all. The good this cream is that it lasts much, then gives it to use and abuse.

What does it say about the Eyeko Cream: "It can be used both as a facial moisturizer, cream and illuminating the eye area, so all this in a product! Furthermore the cream Eyeko combines the vitamins A, C and E, together with reflective particles which give the skin a single radiant glow.

Eyeko Tip: To create the effect of light tan, just like the celebrities, use Eyeko cream instead of its base, stressing especially the eye area and cheeks. "

And my opinion on each of these suggested uses:

Hydrating Facial: It left my skin well hydrated and lisinha, and not a bit oily. Even went into more sensitive areas of my face, the T-zone, and also gave some super, and it absorbs quickly into the skin.

Illuminator: I used both doing the inverted C, apples to the height of the brow, and used under the eyebrows and nose. In the area of C and the nose was beautiful, I look like a rich, haha. Under the brow he did not think much, I still prefer the Touche Éclat to give effect to this mega look.

Cream for the eye area: I do not understand the purpose of using the cream in the eye area would alleviate dark circles, wrinkles, or what. In me it did not work at all, unfortunately. But just had the idea of spending the concealer over it, I will test to see if it works.

As a primer, I passed him, put makeup on top and went to work. He did not hold the grease as normally expected of a primer, but not evil. Can I use as a quick fix, but you can not spend the day running in the sun and wait for the product do a miracle, right, honey?

As a foundation: The same effect of using "as a primer," the difference is not covering the imperfections (freckles) that covers the base. If you do not have acne problem and / or red will not make much difference.

Mixed with the base: By the time I was thinking that was the worst thing I could have done. It seemed like I was literally tugging my face with some gooey mass, but later spread well, got a good aspect. I think it depends on the base you use, but I prefer not to make the attempt again and use each product separately. (Incidentally, the base I used was Clinique Superfit).

These are all I can remember now. And you, how to use? Do you have any suggestion of using this cream?

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