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Hi guys! I tought it would be interesting to give some information on the use of an eye cream. I just recently started using them and honestly I can tell that it does make a difference!

Appliying regular face cream to the eye area will increase the appeareance of fine lines and wrinkles over a long time period. Why so? Because the eye skin area is the most sensitive part of the face. It is a very fragile type of skin and regular face cream are to rich, to greasy and to heavy for that type of skin. The face cream will be heavily absorbed by the eye area and it will weight it down.

On the contrary, an eyecream will deliver the exact amount of moisture to the eyeskin and it will reduce the appeareance of fine line and wrinkles. It will also brighthen your look and make you look less tired. The eye cream is a special treatment wich will prevent the appearence of shadows, puffiness and dark circles. It will keep dryness away and keep the eyeskin young and well maintened. It is specially formulated to hydrated the eye area and the excess of moisture will not penetrated the epidermis but stay over the skin. It is non greasy and it lives the skin very soft.

An eye cream application is also a necessary step before appliying any makeup like a concealer or a corrector. The makeup will glide smoothly over the skin and wont crease. In other words, an eyecream is a great makeup base. I apply my eye cream on the morning before doing my makeup and at night after removing my makeup.

Eye creams are available at different price range on the market. You can find them at stores like sephora or drugstores. I have heard good things about the clinic eye cream. I actually use to apply it and it is good. Bobbi brown also has a good eyecream. Now I am using the one from nivea aquasensation and it is great. It comes in a little box of 15 ml but since I dont need to use much of the product it will last quite a long time.

When using an eye cream make sure you use the proper one for your age.It is always written on the package. Do not use an eyecream designated for mature people when you are in your twenties.

The nivea aquasensation eye cream might not be available in every country. Check their website on the link below. I hope this information was helpfull. I also use the nivea night cream and the day cream to complete my face care routine. Give it a try you might like it!

Source link: http://www.nivea-international.com/pages/int-country-selection

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