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for those of you who hate your thick eyebrows, you have no idea how lucky you are. I (WAY) over plucked my eyebrows in HS, they were pretty sparse to begin with but I felt the need to go at them, I wish I hadn`t. fast forward *cough*fat chance*cough* years later and here I sit, with practically, almost, no eyebrows at all. oh yes, it`s true. I`ve tried so many things, the Anastasia brow serum and recently castor oil - which might have worked a little bit - but because of my tweezer happy phase I am not forced to go beyond filling them in, basically I have to draw them on.

I do already have quite a lot of brow products and I posted about it a little while ago, the thing is 99% of those products are brown and my hair is actually a very dark almost black brown. perfect excuse to check out some other stuff right? I totally blame it on Nurberxo though, first of all she`s gorgeous, I love the way she speaks & expresses herself and oh yeah, she has gorgeous brows. she talked about http://eyebrowz.com and the funny thing is, I had actually been on this site before but never bought anything. anyways, I decided to bite the bullet and pick up a little kit. in this kit I received:

2 brow powders (medium brown & soft black)
1 eyebrow white stick
2 sponge applicators
2 brow brushes
1 powder puff brush
1 elastic stencil holder 0.o
1 wallet to hold stencils
6 stencils of my choice
1 pouch to hold it all

I wish I could say I had a discount code or ebates or something but nope, paid full price, $36.50 - I`ll let you know how worth it is later on. anyways, it`s one thing to look at the stencils and pictures online, they translate a little differently in real life so I did a little coloring, these are the shapes I picked

GW1 - Gwyneth Paltrow
JE1 - Jennifer Aniston
KE3 - Rihanna
LI2 - Jennifer Lopez
JU5 - Christy Turlington
KO@ - Kylie Minogue

yes, these stencils are celebrity inspired which I think is freaking awesome, I mean don`t you ever look at like Selena Gomez and think, wow, those are great brows? well there you go ! the powders are silky smooth but I don`t know yet how well they stay, that`s the biggest problem I have right now, everything I have fades away rather quickly and I end up with bad looking brows. so yeah, one more eyebrow kit to my vast collection of brow stuff, hopefully this one will work out LOL

*pics & content are mine, do not steal*

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