I havent come across any of these lately.
In my natural female perspective, eyebrows should be shaped and curved to the persons face no matter how ugly or how cute you may think you are..

1. Overgrown monstrous eyebrows...I`m not sure if this is a joke BUT I do know that there is absolutely no shape in there thus far. It`s just a jungle up there.
2. Too much? Pretty sure this chick lost her mind when she decided that her eyebrows needed to eat her face up.
3. No arch? And drawn on too obviously..

1A- A nice curved arch makes her face look really sultry..
2B- A slightly thicker eyebrow is still really attractive on this females face.
3C- This eyebrow is a drastic arch, meaning at one point in time her eyebrows could have looked like (1), this arch makes her look like a dontfwithme kind of chick.

I`ve included an eyebrow shape chart to help you guys out, although i`m sure you know all about it.

Do you think your eyebrows are nice?
How do you feel about plucking or waxing?
Do you think having eyebrows tattooed on is clever?

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