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5 years ago

Today I prepared a mega entry to help you shape your own eyebrows. There are a lot of things to talk about so get your coffee and let`s get started.

Firstly, I`ll start by saying that the most important part of your face are the eyebrows because they can make you appear younger or older, they can bright up your look or darken it down. That`s why, If you don`t feel confident, please let a true specialist give you the shape every month, and then every week just clean your eyebrows every week or so.

1) What shape of eyebrows? (First Image)
The shape of your eyebrows depends a lot on your face shape:
1*Oval face: it`s the ideal shape of face so it doesn`t really matter if you choose high arched or round shaped eyebrows, because they are not going to influence in making your face appear "more oval"

2* Round face: the perfect eyebrows for this face shape ar the high arched ones because they make your face appear elongated, that is, more oval like.

3* Elongated / long shape: the shape that best fit this face type are the straight ones because they make the face appear not as long as it really is.

4* Square shape: the adequate shape is that of fairly thick and round eyebrows to sweeten the face features.

5* Heart / Triangle shape: rounded eyebrows are the best because they emphasize this pretty face shape.

6* Diamond shape: to balance the face features both shapes are good because the rounded ones sweeten the features and the high arched ones reduce the width of the face.

2) Right proporcions: (Second Image)
A* The extreme point where the nose ends to the right / left, with the point where the eye starts and the point where the brow starts have to form a perfect straight line.
If you have wide-set eye the starting point should be half of millimetre towards the inside. This will balance the distance between the eyes.

B* If we trace a straight line from the extrem right / left point where the nose ends, going through the exterior point where the iris ends and upwards, that`s where the highest point of the eyebrow should be.

C* Tracing a straight line from the extrem right / left point where the nose ends, going through the extreme point where the eye ends and upwards, you find the point where the eyebrow ends.
If your eyes are close-set your eyebrow has to finish after that point to widen the distance between eyes.

3) NO: (Third Image)

NO to wide-set eyebrows!!!
NO to very fine eyebrows!!!
NO to hook type eyebrows!!!
NO to dark tattooed, witch type eyebrows!!!
NO to close eyebrows!!!
NO to not-groomed eyebrows!!!

4) What to do if you have little o no eyebrows? :
If you have little or no brows, use an eyebrow kit to draw them on / fill them in. If you`re looking for a long time solution, try getting a semi-permanent tattoo (they last up to 5 years but you have to look for an experienced professional) in a light brown tone if you are a brunette or a medium beige if you`re a blond.

Hope this helped,

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