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A couple weeks ago Birchbox sent me a packet of Eye Rock Designer Liner by Rock Cosmetics to try out before they sent out their February Birchboxes. I`ll be honest, I was a bit intimidated by these at first, but after applying and wearing all four of the liner sets included in the packet, there`s nothing to be intimidated by.

As much as we love winged liner, were not so crazy about how much effort it usually requires. Shaky wrists and runny liquid formulas conspire to drain our time and energy, which is why were glad we discovered these handy stick-on appliques. Each pack comes with four different designs, ranging from classic cat eyes to bold runway-inspired styles.

The stick-on adhesives are super easy to apply and help you create an array of eye-catching looks. Unlike traditional liners, they wont smudge or fade.

Make sure your eyelid is clean and dry. Peel a liner off the backing, and hold the strip against your lid to measure for a precise fit. Trim off any excess on the inner corners with a pair of scissors, and then place the liner as close to your lash line as possible. If your hands veer on the clumsy side, use tweezers instead. Dont worry if you have a gap in between your lash line and the liner: just fill it in with a bit of pencil or liquid liner.

The packet included four different liner tape styles, a couple dainty wing liners and a couple more daring, funky liners. They come on thin, paper-like stickers that you simply peel off and apply. The instructions tell you to measure them on your eye and trim them as needed, but in my experience, once they touch your skin you can`t remove them and reapply because the adhesive won`t work anymore and you`ll need to whip out some eyelash glue to get them to stay put. Also, when trimming the liners, you need to almost re-shape the liner to fit your eye shape since it alters where the curve lies on your eye.

Personally, I didn`t really care for these. It takes a long time to get the liner tapes in line with your natural eye shape. My main issue was getting the liner tapes to stay, every time I blinked I could feel the liner tape lifting, which is bound to happen because our eyes are not flat. These are really uncomfortable to wear, it definitely feels like I`m wearing stickers on my eye lids. If the material they are made out of were more flexible and softer for the eye area, it probably wouldn`t be as uncomfortable. If you have the type of eyes that don`t show a lot of eye lid, the edges of these liners will press into your upper lid, making it very annoying to blink and move your eyes around. You could trim them down, but then you`re spending even more time on these liner tapes than what they`re meant for.

At $13.00 per pack, about $3.00 per liner set, you`re looking at about 5-10 mins spent on applying a set of liners. That`s factoring in having to measure them to your eye, re-shaping and trimming them to fit, applying lash glue so they stay put and waiting for them to dry so you can be on your way.
I would rather spend that time on lining my eyes with a pencil/pen/gel as those are much quicker and easier to adjust if they end up uneven.

I tried on all the liner styles, some of them were oddly shaped for my eyes, so I apologize ahead of time if the photos look as if I don`t know how to wear liner, hahaha! I had spent a lot of time trying to fit them along my lash line, so the tails of the liners are not exactly in the position I would have preferred - therefore, my eyes look more tired than they really are.

* On the second liner style, I tried to trim the tail to make the liner look more natural.
* On the second liner style, I also tried to trim the inner line as suggested in the instructions, and this reshaped the entire liner style which made it look pretty silly!

Although this wasn`t exactly a positive review, I hope it helped shed light on what you may expect with these - as we all know, our eyes are not shaped the same, so these might just end up looking a lot classier on you :)

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*Product(s) were received for trial/review; these are my honest opinions

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