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Have you heard of Extreme Couponing? It`s a series of television shows where you will see people from all around the world using coupons and saving 90%+ off on their groceries. They save so much money that they have their own personal store in their homes. Many are hiding soda bottles in the closets, toilet paper underneath the bedroom, stashing as much as they can throughout their homes from diapers, baby food, toothpaste to deodorant, frozen foods and so forth. In the episodes you`ll hear about the story that made them to start couponing, their journey, approximately how long it takes to prep, and the fun part - how they use coupons to buy goods! It`s a shock to see over $1,000 of groceries to be under $30 bucks! As much as I love to coupon, this is to the EXTREME. The shows are pretty interesting to watch and if you have Netflix, there are a bunch of series.

<strong>Do you coupon? What are your thoughts about using coupons?</strong>

Tips: http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/family/5-extreme-coupon-tips-for-normal-people1.htm

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