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2 years ago

I want to share a recent couponing experience in Canada. Many believe that it is too hard and/or impossible to extreme coupon in Canada. Although it is difficult at times, it is POSSIBLE! It just takes time and effort but it is worth every minute! I recently started couponing again after taking a year or so break from it, and starting again has been the best decision I have ever made. I have found that the coupons are better and the savings are AMAZING!!

So lets start talking about this FREE Crest Toothpaste! I walked into Loblaws and walked over to the coupon zone. Here you can find tear pad manufacturer coupons (TP). I spotted one TP coupon that I just couldn`t walk away from. It read- Save $1.00 of ANY Crest Toothpaste (excluding travel size/promo packs). Now, the coupons that read `ANY` are great, meaning that you can pick any size or sub brand of that product (except for travel size and promo packs). Literally ANY, as long as it is Crest Toothpaste. The coupon will also read the quantity one customer may purchase at one transaction as well as how many coupons can be used per item. There were no limitations on how many could be used in one transaction, however you could only use one coupon per item. Now I grabbed a few of these coupons and went back a few days later to grab more (to make sure other customers had a chance to pick some up too!)

Now onto price matching. The great thing about price matching at Walmart Canada is that they now accept Canada Wide price matching. Meaning that you can use many/ if not all of the Canadian Flyers to price match. After searching high and low, I found a great deal. Safe Way Canada was having a deal that if you bought 4 or more Crest Toothpaste (75ml-130 ml), you would only pay $1.00 each.

So after price matching Crest Toothpaste (130ml) for $1.00 at Safe Way and deducting the $1.00 off ANY Crest Toothpaste. I got them all for FREE before taxes. I really only paid the taxes for each. How could this deal get any better?!

The great thing about this deal is not only can you stock up, you can share with family and friends, as well as donate to people/ organizations in need.

So is Extreme couponing impossible? No. You just need to find the right coupons and wait for the best deals! :)

Here`s a simple breakdown of the Crest Toothpaste deal on 15 tubes:

15 X Crest toothpaste (130ml- reg. $1.67 each)
Priced matched for $1.00 each - $1.00 manufacturers coupon =FREE!
Savings of $25.05 before tax!

Here`s a few links that will help:
Walmart Canada Coupon Policy: http://corporate.walmart.com/coupon-policy

Walmart Price Matching Policy: http://www.walmart.ca/en/help/products/pricing

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*I am not affiliated with Crest or Walmart. I simply do this for me, my family and friends, and donation*

Source link: http://www.walmart.ca

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