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2 years ago

If you have ever seen TLC`s show Extreme Cheapskates, then you know how extremely cheap some people can be. I just want to list some things that I have seen on the show that are simply unbelievable to me. There was one episode where I saw a woman picking up grains of rice right off the ground that was thrown at a newly married couple, and the woman said that it was perfectly good rice and all you need to do is boil it and it is perfectly fine. I have a two year old son to feed and never would I feed him rice off the ground. On another episode, at first it seemed normal or even reasonable to have your kids each take a ten minute shower. But then the mother said that each of them took turns and by day to take a shower every third day for 10 minutes. During that same episode they went to Las Vegas on a vacation and the mother made them all wear layers of the clothes (that normal people would be packing in their suitcases) to make room for snack foods to take on the plane to save on food costs. They went to a buffet for lunch one day and the mother asked if they could share, and the lady of course said no and offered that they do 1 to go box to share as each serving with drinks is 12.99. But isn`t that what fast food is for? You don`t go to a buffet to get it to go... they even have Chinese take out restaurants for that. Every year for their anniversary, a gentleman dumpster dives for anniversary gifts for his wife. Is that really what their love means to him? The same guy will go with his wife every now and then out to dinner and he asks other people at different tables for their leftovers if they want them or are they done eating. Ummmmm....awkward! As it turns out he is a millionaire from all the money that he has saved, including squeezing ketchup packets that he has picked up from restaurants, into a ketchup bottle instead of buying a new ketchup bottle filled with ketchup. Some people are even so cheap, they share their toothpaste and floss. Can someone say ewwww? Some people are just weird and it seems embarrassing for others. What do you do to save?

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