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Why not sleep in a tent hung at 1000 feet tall?

In Pfronten, Bavaria, Germany, Waldseilgarten there is a resort for true lovers of the mountain and camping. Located atop a mountain, the most courageous can try to spend the night hanging from the top of a tree hanging over a cliff or to sleep in an igloo DIY.

During the warmer months, guests can sleep in platform tents, several feet off the ground. Platforms are the same as athletes who do use climbing uphill to take several days.

Guests looking to experience more extreme can choose to stay in other platforms. These vertical strands hang from natural towering heights between 1000 and 2000 meters. If you agree with the feet out of bed at this point is too much for you, you can choose the platforms on slopes with altitudes between 100 and 300 meters. If, nevertheless, is too much for you, you can hang on a tree, which can descend to the ground more easily.

All guests must attend a course of handling strings in height, administered by certified monitors the resort. Learn the techniques that allow up and down the platforms are essential for the holidays do not become too long!

In winter guests can build their own accommodation in the form of an igloo. Take warm clothes because the temperature inside is no more than 4 ° C.
A night spent sleeping hanging from a tree costs 250 per person, while sleeping hanging the gorge costs 890.

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