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This quiz is for your entertainment. See how well your boyfriend knows you!
You (the girlfriend) ask your boyfriend a question.
Your boyfriend has to answer in under 10 seconds.
If your boyfriend gets it wrong, you (the girlfriend) gets to either, smear a disgusting substance on his face, or he has to sing you a song of your choice.
Okay, lets start the questions! (These are pretty hard questions)
1. What is her favorite sleeping position?
2. What is her favorite make up brand?
3. What perfume does she wear?
4. What hand does she write with? Is there a reason why? (injuries that have effected the hand she writes with)
5. What is her favorite movie or book series?
6. Does she use mechanical pencils or wooden pencils?
7. What is her favorite hair style?
8. What kind of shampoo does she use?
9. Does she straighten or curl her hair most days?
10. If she were to be sick, what would you bring her to make her feel better?
Okay, that`s it! I hope you enjoyed spreading something icky on your boyfriend face, or have him serenade you! Haha! If your boyfriend has gotten them all right, then he really does pay attention to you!
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