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Ok ladies and gents. I`ve been so OUT of it lately that I haven`t been on Luuux. I apologize for not being there for everyone. I just wanted to clear a few things for my giveaway winners back in February.

I know some people can relate to me since most of us are adults here and life tends to take over majority of the time. But what can you do other than keep it moving. Sometimes we have tons of THINGS TO DO in our day to day activities and some of them never gets done (oh well).

Since I have been on Luuux, I have made wonderful friends and have contact with most of them outside of Luuux as well. I love being on this site because I can read and comment on people`s post and interact with anyone all over the world. I really miss being on here.

I have been missing in action because I have started working again (Thank GOD) but my job is only TEMPORARY, so I have been busting my butt trying to prove to them that I deserve to be a PERMANENT employee. This job is not necessarily the best but it helps pay the bills. Working the graveyard shift, doing mandatory OT, online school (which still requires just as must time as a campus), moving (packing and unpacking, of which I still haven`t gotten to yet), new additions to the families and so on. I can`t remember everything.

I am a human being and my body and mind does need rest too. I cannot do all of this and not get any sleep. By the time I get to lay down and get up, such things as the post office and banks are closedboo :( Everyday, I try to find the energy to keep up and keep going but I can`t. I mean my body and mind has been so out of it that I have to FOCUS really hard on the drive home from work because I have almost driven off the road a few times or almost read ended someone. It`s not easy when you have a full plate and I am not complaining, I am rather counting my blessings that I have been given in life. But when push comes to shove, I will SLEEP and rest my body before I do anything else. Heck even during my lunch break at work, I choose to nap over eatingyes it`s that bad lmaol and I love to eat. Smh.

So for the giveaway winners, packages never got sent out mainly because of me. I am not making any excuse just stating the facts that I am NOT PERFECT and I too have a life filled with a lot of things to do. Yes, I have CASHED out and I didn`t even get to enjoy and use what I cashed out for. I mean WTH, I am more so upset with myself that I have been MIA for the past FOUR months.

I APOLOGIZE DEEPLY for my delay and my lack of interaction here on Luuux. Feel free to message me or comment below.



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