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4 years ago

I always go shopping at the Express at the mall near my summer house when I`m on vacation. I always manage to find great things there! This time, I found a few pieces that I absolutely love! :) And no, I didn`t plan for them to be all black, lol. That`s just the way it turned out!

I`ve lost almost 20 pounds since I came back home from school and so my body has definitely gotten smaller. I actually can`t wear most of my shorts anymore because they literally fall right off! So I was very happy to find these wonderful black shorts that fit me perfectly! :) They were on sale for $30 but were marked down an additional 30% off, so they came down so a bit more than $20 in the end. That`s great, especially considering the regular price of Express items, lol. They`re actually like a dress pant material, almost, but I`ve found they can be worn casually with a t-shirt or dressed up with a nice top. They`re super flattering and I love them!

The shirt on the left is my favorite. The picture doesn`t exactly show it, but it`s a one-shoulder top. It has sparkly detailing along the neckline from the left shoulder all the way across to the shoulder-less part and it has a ruffle as well. I would have never gone for such a tight-fitting shirt before, but I love the way it looks on me now! (I`m actually going to be wearing it out later with a pair of white shorts!) It`s flattering, looks great, feels sexy, and even shows off my tan lines a bit, lol.

The top on the right is a tank top with some fantastic detailing in the straps. It has a little bit of a tribal feel because of how the straps are constructed and also because there is a fringe in the middle between the chest. It`s very casual and I`ve already worn it a few times with some denim shorts. I`m thinking of ways I can dress it up, though. It`s definitely one of my new favorites!

So this was my little Express haul from vacation :) My Mom got a few things, too, but she took them before I had a chance to photograph them, lol. Everything was on sale and marked down an additional 30% off which was really nice. And I swear I did not plan the all-black thing, lol! I actually tried on a number of colored shirts, but these were just the ones that ended up working the best :) I`m very proud of my new body and am so excited I get to show it off a bit now in these cute pieces! :D

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