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Hello Luuuxers! Recently I went on a big shopping spree with Express! They had some really cute stuff and a lot of sales and such going on, so I treated myself!

The first item is a dress with lace sleeves. The dress is tight and hugs your body to show off your figure! I think it`s perfect for a night out or for a formal event!

The next two items are jeans! The first pair are dark blue skinny jeans. They fit my waist well and are loose around my ankles so it doesn`t feel skin tight. The black jeans have a kind of velvet feel to them and they are tighter than the blue jeans. I feel like the blue jeans are more for a day look where the black jeans look more polished. I often wear the black pants to work.

I got a few basic tops on sale too. The first is just a basic V-neck sweater that`s not too thick so it`s perfect for nights that are a little chilly. The blue top has a lace front and a plain back. If you get this top I recommend wearing a tank top or cami with it because the front is see through, even with the lace. The third is a thin collard shirt, and the sleeves come down to my elbows. It`s super comfortable and soft and I can either dress it up or dress it down!

I also bought a few crop tops, which is strange for me because I am not a crop top person. The first is an all black lace button down with a small collar. The second is a cropped white knit sweater, and the last is a semi-lacey pink crop top. This last crop top is a thin material so you have to be careful about what you wear underneath it!

I then got a few basic tees. Black and white V-neck shirts with a short sleeve, and then two graphic tees that have skull patterns. I really like these graphic tees because they are super soft and comfortable while the skull patterns give it a nice edge.

Overall I am really happy with my purchases this month. My tip is to always check the clearance section of the Express website or store because that`s where you can get some great deals (all of my crop tops were clearance!) Are any of you guys express fans? Let me know in the comments!

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