Expendables 2 - Worth Watching?

4 years ago

It`s rare that I don`t see a screening for a movies now a days. And that was the case with Expendables 2. It`s the rare occasion that a studio would not do a screening. Usually the reason is that the movie is so bad that they don`t want the critics bashing the movie ahead of its release.

I saw Expendables 1 in the movies and really enjoy the movie. Sure I wished Arnold and Bruce had bigger roles. Perhaps they do in Number 2.

In case you`re like me and curious as to what people have to say, here`s a few blurbs from various reviews thurs far:

- Action-packed and self-deprecating, the geriatric goons are back.

- Some good one-liners and some you don`t even understand. Stallone was harder to understand in this movie than Bane was.

- What gives "Expendables 2" its charm is the film`s unabashed nostalgia for the genre`s best B-movie moments.

- At least it`s efficiently and breezily forgettable. What`s more, there are laughs too and here`s the best part - one or two of them are actually intentional.

- Does exactly what it`s supposed to do - no more, no less.

All taken from: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_expendables_2/

Seems to me the reviews are very much mixed. On Rotten Tomatoes they get 5.8/10 (67%). But as far as average Audience rating, they get 4.2/5.

In comparison ParaNorman which I loved got 87% rating and The Odd Life of Timothy Green which I had passes for, but skipped got a miserable 38%.

Talk the TALK
1) Have you seen Expendables 2 yet?
2) What action star would you like to see them add for 3 if they continue?

Source link: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_expendables_2/

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