Exercises to reduce the back pain

5 years ago

The back pain, especially that which is manifested in the lower back, is very common in young adults and is mainly caused by excessive training (overtraining) or muscle injury. The practice of physical exercise, contrary to popular belief, can help reduce and prevent these pains.

Weak muscles, including back and abdominal muscles, contributing to the worsening of back pain. That is why it is so important to stretch and strengthen the muscles of these areas. The exercise strengthens the muscles that support the spine. Flexors and strong abdominal muscles help people maintain an upright posture. Also the extensor muscles that accompany the entire length of the back, are important because they maintain the alignment of the vertebrae.

The exercises designed to reduce the back pain can be done at home. The intensity should be moderate and gradually increasing over time. But beware ... not all exercises are suitable for back pain.

You can do:
Partial abdominal
Stretching the thighs
Sit leaning on the wall
Elevation of the back
Bring the knee to the chest
Make the bridge position
Aerobic exercise
Try some pilates movements
Weight lifting

You should avoid:
Touch with hands on toes
Full abdominal
Elevation of the legs while lying down

I hope you enjoyed these exercises!

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