Exercise Motivation - Mini Tip

I have two mini tips for exercise motivation. If you are anything like me, I can find a million excuses as to why I shouldn`t exercise and finding motivation can be very hard; but I have a quick tip.

The night before, get you workout clothes out. By doing this I first of all don`t have to decide what to wear (and although it doesn`t matter, what can I say, I am a girl). Secondly, this gets me more motivated since everything it out and ready to go.

The second tip is to exercises asap. What I mean when I say this is as soon as I get up in the morning, I get dressed and go. No makeup, simple hair, no time to stuff around, no laying in bed. The longer I wait, it seems as though the more time I have to make excuses; therefore if I get out as soon as possible I have no time to think of why I shouldn`t.

This isn`t a tip, but is something to think about; it take 3 weeks to get a habit. So if you get up every morning for only 3 weeks, it will become a habit and you will just do it. Put in the effort for only three weeks, then it will become nothing.

Good luck!

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