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4 years ago

It sucks sitting at a desk for hours on end because you`re really just wasting working out time. Who doesn`t hate wasting that time when you could be toning those abdominal muscles? I know I do. Well, not really, but hey, if you do happen to be one of those people than this is a nifty piece of exercise equipment for you.

Now there is an exercise ball turned into an office chair. It uses the exercise ball as the cushion for your rear.

Here`s what the website says about the chair:
<em>Ergonomic seating system combines the core strengthening benefits of the stability ball and the convenience of a rolling base into the Ball Chair. This attactive chair promotes active sitting while strengthening the back. It can be used without the back rest.</em>

Eh... I don`t know how attractive the chair really looks. I mean, it looks a tad ridiculous. Probably not something you want to be remembered for at your office, but I guess it can work in the privacy of your home office.

The price is also a bit absurd since it`s essentially just a stability ball with wheels attached to it. It`s selling for $130. Holy macaroni. No way. I`ll stick to my free stability ball and just deal without having a back rest.
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Source link: http://www.power-systems.com/p-3157-exercise-ball-chair.aspx

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