EXCITED!!! Finally found Takis Guacamole flavor.

Hi Luuuxies! I always buy Takis. I actually go out once a month to buy a box or two to last me all month. I buy a variety of snacks to last me all month, actually. But I have only been able to come across Takis: Fuego, Takis: Nitro, and Takis: Fajitas. I had always seen in the back of these bags that there`s also "Takis: Guacamole". I had never tried them nor had I had the luck to come across them to try them out.

Just yesterday, since I was in the area of the warehouse where I buy in bulk monthly, decided to go in and check it out. I saw that they had these! I thought, "FINALLY"! I got a box of sixteen (16) bags. I tell ya! They are good! I love em`! Taste just like guacamole, but the only downside is that I guess you could say that they are pretty salty. Then again, all other Takis are on the salty side.

Have any of you tried any kind of Takis or in particular Guacamole?

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